Fun Funky Lilac Art (Fun Funky Art Coffee Table Books For Kindle)

Fun Funky Lilac Art (Fun Funky Art Coffee Table Books For Kindle)
Lilacs are works of art all on their own, but within these pages are art derived from the palette of beauty that is unique to lilacs.

Be prepared to experience a cacophony of color. See more of our colorful art of other subjects at Fun Funky Art and see our Lilac prints at

The lilacs are identified, but I doubt you will be able to match these images with the lilacs you see.

~ Deborah Carney

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Roses A to Z Volume 1

Roses A – Z (A to Z Nature Photo Books) [Kindle Edition]
A set of books that identify full color images of roses. Due to the size of the completed books, we have broken Roses A to Z into two books, varieties that start with A through L and M through Z.

All identifications were made from tags attached to or near the rose bushes as they were photographed. Any bush without a tag is not included in this book and most were double checked against other sources.

We hope you enjoy this Coffee Table book that fits on your Kindle and brings a breath of Spring into your day.

Best viewed on Kindle color apps, or Kindle Fire, but still looks good in Black and White.

Roses in this volume are:
Abraham Darby Shrub Rose
Agnes Rose
Alba Rose
Altaica Rose
Altissima Climbing Rose
Barn Dance Rose
Berries and Cream Rose
Betty Boop Rose
Carding Mill Shrub Rose
Center Gold Roses
Charles de Mills Rose
Cinderella Roses
De Meaux Rose
Dr Eckener Rose
Emily Shrub Rose
Fimbriata Rose
Folksinger Rose
Frau Karl Druschki
Geoff Hamilton Shrub Rose
Goldenwings Shrub Rose
Harlekin Climbing Rose
Harlow Carr Shrub Rose
Harrison’s Yellow Rose
Home Run Shrub Rose
Hurdy Gurdy Rose
Iceburg Floribunda Rose
Iceland Queen Rose
John Davis Rose
Kazanlik Rose
Lavender Dream Rose

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Roses and Rue – Oscar Wilde and Roses

Roses and Rue A Poem by Oscar Wilde

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Roses and Rue A Poem by Oscar Wilde

Artist Deborah Carney combines art of roses with the poetry of Oscar Wilde to create a beautiful new version of an old classic.

ISBN/EAN13: 1475077025 / 9781475077025
Page Count: 24
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 8.5" x 11"
Full Color

Photographs of Roses to Enjoy

Photographs of roses from several rose gardens for you to enjoy. You can also click to see more and to purchase prints of those you fall in love with.

  • kazanlik-rose-bbg
  • Fimbriata-Rose-0002-nybg-lox
  • john-davis-roses-bbg-67
  • john-davis-roses-bbg-62
  • Lavender-Dream-Rose-0002-nybg-lox
  • john-davis-roses-bbg-59
  • hurdy-gurdy-rose-bbg-003
  • home-run-shrub-rose-nybg-lox_0003
  • Lavender-Dream-Rose-0003-nybg-lox
  • iceland-queen-roses-bbg-09
  • iceland-queen-roses-bbg-08
  • hurdy-gurdy-rose-bbg-001
  • home-run-shrub-rose-nybg-vo_0002
  • iceburg-floribunda-rose-nybg-lox_0012
  • harlow-carr-shrub-rose-nybg-lox_0002
  • harlekin-climbing-rose-nybg-lox_0002
  • harlow-carr-shrub-rose-nybg-lox_0003
  • Harrison-s-Yellow-Rose-0004-nybg-lox
  • goldenwings-shrub-rose-nybg-lox_0004
  • Harrison-s-Yellow-Rose-0002-nybg-lox
  • folksinger-roses-bbg-119
  • geoff-hamilton-shrub-rose-nybg-lox_0004
  • frau-karl-druschki-roses-bbg-38
  • goldenwings-shrub-rose-nybg-vo_0004
  • emily-shrub-rose-bbg-005
  • folksinger-roses-bbg-117
  • Dr-Eckener-Rose-0009-nybg-lox
  • Dr-Eckener-Rose-0006-nybg-lox
  • De Meaux-Rose-0004-nybg-lox
  • De Meaux-Rose-0003-nybg-lox
  • Climbing-Pinkie-Rose-0010-nybg-lox
  • Climbing-Pinkie-Rose-0008-nybg-lox
  • Dr-Eckener-Rose-0003-nybg-lox
  • cinderella-roses-bbg-129
  • cinderella-roses-bbg-127
  • cinderella-roses-bbg-128
  • Climbing-Pinkie-Rose-0007-nybg-lox
  • center-gold-roses-bbg-143
  • Charles-de-Mills-Rose-0002-nybg-lox
  • carding-mill-shrub-rose-nybg-lox_0007
  • carding-mill-shrub-rose-nybg-lox_0006
  • center-gold-roses-bbg-142
  • Climbing-Pinkie-Rose-0004-nybg-lox
  • Climbing-Pinkie-Rose-0003-nybg-lox
  • Betty-Boop-Rose-0004-nybg-lox
  • Betty-Boop-Rose-0005-nybg-lox
  • Betty-Boop-Rose-0007-nybg-lox
  • berries-and-cream-roses-bbg-148
  • Barn-Dance-Rose-0002-nybg-lox
  • Barn-Dance-Rose-0003-nybg-lox
  • altissima-climbing-rose-nybg-lox_0008
  • berries-and-cream-roses-bbg-147
  • Altaica-Rose-0005-nybg-lox
  • Altaica-Rose-0003-nybg-lox
  • Altaica-Rose-0002-nybg-lox
  • Alba-Rose-0002-nybg-lox
  • altissima-climbing-rose-nybg-lox_0007
  • Agnes-Rose-0008-nybg-lox
  • altissima-climbing-rose-nybg-lox_0006
  • Agnes-Rose-0004-nybg-lox
  • Agnes-Rose-0003-nybg-lox
  • abraham-darby-shrub-rose-nybg-lox_0005

Old Tyme Rose Art

Beautiful images of roses in the style of old vintage drawings.

  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0123
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0097
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0102
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0082
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0089
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0081
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0074
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0072
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0070
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0068
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0065
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0039
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0062
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0042
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0037
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0035
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0034
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0033
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0031
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0032
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0027
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0028
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0026
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0022
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0021
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0020
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0019
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0015
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0017
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0014
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0013
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0010
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0012
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0009
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0008
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0007
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0002
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0001
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0006
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0124
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0119
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0121
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0117
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0116
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0115
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0114
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0112
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0104
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0105
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0103
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0101
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0100
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0099
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0098
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0096
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0095
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0094
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0091
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0090
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0088
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0086
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0085
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0084
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0083
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0078
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0077
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0071
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0067
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0064
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0063
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0060
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0059
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0058
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0055
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0053
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0054
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0052
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0050
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0051
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0049
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0048
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0047
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0046
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0045
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0044
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0040
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0038
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0024
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0023
  • old-time-rose-maplewood-0018

Lilacs A to E (Lilacs A – Z Series)

Lilacs A to E (Lilacs A – Z Series) (Deborah Carney) A series of books that identify full color images of Lilacs. All images are correctly identified from tags that were attached to the bushes at the time they were photographed. Due to the size of the completed books, we have broken Lilacs A to Z into four books, varieties that start with A through E, F through L, M through Q, and R through Z.

Valentine Quotes and Love Poems

Valentine Quotes and Love Poems (Elise Beckett) Valentine’s Day Love quotes and sayings combined with images of romance, sweets and flowers for your sweetheart on valentine’s day. This book of love quotes and poems from Elizabeth Barrett Browning, William Shakespeare and others is like whispering sweet nothings into your lovers ear.